Easy Milk Toast
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Easy Milk Toast

Other than just an easy recipe, this version of Milk Toast holds the pleasant aroma of my childhood with my Brother. This used to be our evening snack after school if Amma is unwell. In good health or not Amma is always up and running in kitchen. She is the most active person in our family. And, when it comes to feeding her children she never relied on Bakery.

I love this Milk Toast and often prepare this for Breakfast. Whats better is my husband loves it too. All that it needs are 4 ingredients . 🙂


Bread – 4 Slices

Milk- 1 tea cup

Sugar- 4 Teaspoon

Ghee- As per requirement


Dissolve sugar in milk

Heat some ghee in Pan. Ensure to keep the flame in medium.  Place the bread slices on it and toast for a minute. Apply some ghee on the top part of the bread slices and toast them as well.

Add milk on the bread slice one teaspoon at a time. This is to avoid milk running out of the bread slices. Add milk till the slices nicely soaked. Toss the slices and toast the other side as well to make it nice golden brown and crispy.

Transfer them to a plate and enjoy


Easy Milk Toast

Keep the ingredients ready

Easy Milk Toast

Heat some ghee in Pan in medium flame.

Easy Milk Toast

Toast the bread slices for a minute.

Easy Milk Toast

Apply some ghee on the top part of the bread slices.

Easy Milk Toast

Add milk on the bread slice one teaspoon at a time

Easy Milk Toast

Flip and toast

Easy Milk Toast

Golden and crispy! Yumm..


No need to apply jam or any kind of bread spread since we have already added sugar. Enjoy!


Happy Cooking!

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