Egg Burji Grilled Sandwich
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Egg Burji Grilled Sandwich

Recipes across the world are customised to suit the local palate. Sandwich is one such dish which has undergone a tremendous evolution over the years. This is one such recipe that I love to have when I’m hungry and lazy.  A healthy breakfast or a snack. Ingredients Egg- 4 numbers Bread- 8 slices Onion- 1… Continue reading Egg Burji Grilled Sandwich

Bread Omlette Cheese Sandwich
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Bread Omelette Cheese Sandwich

Soft omelette and gooey cheese between crispy toasted brown bread slices. No words to describe how good it was. So yummy! This is perfect for tea time snack or a quick breakfast.   Ingredients Brown bread slices- 2 Egg- 1 Cheese- 1 slice Oil- 1/2 tsp Butter- 1/2 tsp Onion- 1/2 onion chopped Green Chilli-… Continue reading Bread Omelette Cheese Sandwich

Egg curry - Mutta Curry (with coconut milk)
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Egg curry – Mutta Curry (with coconut milk)

Hey there... I had prepared this egg curry about four months back, on the day we went to my In Law's house. It was a Sunday and my husband had to go to office for a half day work. So I thought I would pack chapati and egg curry for dinner as we would reach Tiruvannamalai… Continue reading Egg curry – Mutta Curry (with coconut milk)

Fuss- free Egg Fried Rice
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Fuss- free Egg Fried Rice

As the title suggests, this is definitely on the easiest, fuss-free recipes. I assure you, anyone can prepare this and feel like a pro. J Try this, and let me know how it turned out for you. Ingredients Cooked rice- 1 bowl Egg- 3 numbers Capsicum- 1 (Medium size, finely chopped) Carrot- 2 (Medium Size,… Continue reading Fuss- free Egg Fried Rice