Fuss-free Pepper Rasam
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Fuss-free Pepper Rasam

Rasam is one of those dishes that holds a very special place in every South Indian’s heart. A meal is not complete without Rasam. Hot, Spicy, aromatic rasam is an indispensable recipe in all the five states. Whether you have a plate full of biriyani at a wedding, or a heavy course of Chinese food,… Continue reading Fuss-free Pepper Rasam

Paneer- Capsicum Kati Roll
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Paneer- Capsicum Kati Roll

Everyone loves Kati Roll. Kolkata’s own Frankie is ruling the taste buds of all the Indians. Rolls are the best option for a breakfast/lunch/Snack/ dinner on the go. This is great recipe for tiffin box too. Ingredients: Green chutney Coriander leaves- ½ cup Pudina leaves / Mint leaves- ½ cup Garlic- 4 cloves Green chilli-… Continue reading Paneer- Capsicum Kati Roll

Cauliflower Poriyal
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Cauliflower Poriyal

Cauliflower in any form is delectable. Cauliflower poriyal is one of the easiest and healthy dish that you can prepare without any compromise on taste. Ingredients Cauliflower- 1 (Medium size) Tomato- 2 (Medium size finely chopped) Onion- 1 (Medium size finely chopped) Green chilli- 2 Coriander Leaves- Half a cup Curry leaves- 1 sprig Chilli… Continue reading Cauliflower Poriyal

Kerala Kadala Curry/ Bengal Gram Curry
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Kerala Kadala Curry / Chickpea curry

Kadala Curry tastes THE BEST with Puttu. And all the mallus and many non-mallus enjoy it. Recently. Here, I am going to show you one of the easiest versions of kadala curry. Ingredients: Black Dry Kadala/ Chickpea- 1 cup Onion- 1 Medium size (finely chopped) Tomato- 3 small tomatos (finely chopped) Green chilli- 3 numbers… Continue reading Kerala Kadala Curry / Chickpea curry

Fuss- free Egg Fried Rice
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Fuss- free Egg Fried Rice

As the title suggests, this is definitely on the easiest, fuss-free recipes. I assure you, anyone can prepare this and feel like a pro. J Try this, and let me know how it turned out for you. Ingredients Cooked rice- 1 bowl Egg- 3 numbers Capsicum- 1 (Medium size, finely chopped) Carrot- 2 (Medium Size,… Continue reading Fuss- free Egg Fried Rice

Ghee Rice/ Nei Choru
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Ghee Rice / Nei Choru

Ghee Rice is perfect for those who are not sure about their skills in preparing Biriyani. Ghee Rice is the saviour when you want to prepare something special for your guests, but at the same worried of goofing up your Biriyani Recipe. We all have experienced this at some point in our life. For this… Continue reading Ghee Rice / Nei Choru

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Coconut Rice

  This is my comfort food when I’m in mood for a quick soulful lunch or when there is no veggies in kitchen  😛 . Super easy to prepare. Ingredients Oil (Coconut/ Gingelly/)- 3 tblspn Mustard Seed/ Kaduku- 1 tsp Cumin Seeds/ Jeerakam- 1 tsp Dried Red Chilly- 3- 5 Numbers Green Chilly- 2-  Numbers… Continue reading Coconut Rice