Kerala Kadala Curry/ Bengal Gram Curry
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Kerala Kadala Curry / Chickpea curry

Kadala Curry tastes THE BEST with Puttu. And all the mallus and many non-mallus enjoy it. Recently. Here, I am going to show you one of the easiest versions of kadala curry. Ingredients: Black Dry Kadala/ Chickpea- 1 cup Onion- 1 Medium size (finely chopped) Tomato- 3 small tomatos (finely chopped) Green chilli- 3 numbers… Continue reading Kerala Kadala Curry / Chickpea curry

Paneer/ Tofu Biriyani
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Paneer/ Tofu Biriyani

Paneer holds the top most ranking in my favourite list along with eggs. So, when Iā€™m on vegetarian diet, I always end up ordering Paneer dish at restaurant. This is one my favourite, easy to make dishes with Paneer. Ingredients: Basmati Rice/ Any long grain Rice- 2 cups Water ā€“ 3 Cups Paneer/ Tofu ā€“… Continue reading Paneer/ Tofu Biriyani